Pop-Up Photo Studio

Party Fun!

A Pop-up photo studio is the newest thing for special events. Perfect for Weddings, parties, graduations, dances, fairs, fund raisers and charity events. (Really, it's great for any event with a lot of people!)

You can have a pop-up photo studio run in one of the following ways.

You can "rent" me and get all the photos back on a USB stick and make your own prints. The rental fee is $150/hour with a minimum 4 hour setup. (The USB is included.)

You can "rent" me and get all the photo printed as 8x10's to give to your guests. The rental fee is $100/hour and 8x10 prints are delivered back at $6/print.

You can have your guests pay for their own photos. This works well for some fund raising activities, like after Sunday school at church or at a fund raising dance. There is no rental fee. Guests have their photos taken then select which prints they'd like to have made. They pay for them upfront and the photos are delivered back to the hosting organization a couple weeks later to be delivered in person. A portion of the proceeds is donated to the hosting organization.