About the Photographers

Based in Ferndale, Michigan, Lucassian Photography specializes in Fashion Photography and handles studio and location shoots (environmental, home, hotel, exotic beach etc.). Fashion Photography includes model and actor portfolios (also head shots), boudoir (glamour), advertising (Catalog, Print and web), events (such as weddings), portraiture photography (portraits and family photos) as well as fashion work for magazines and designers.

John the photographer

photo of john

John Lucassian, a fashion photographer born in Detroit, had his first photographic epiphany when he was 15. After a High school trip to Mexico he realized that his photos lacked something; people. The friends he traveled with and the people he saw and talked to there were not part of his images. While he does still photograph landscapes and objects, most of his photography involves working with people.

Photo of John and his son

John went from enthusiast to entrepreneur in 2003 when he registered his business with the state of Michigan. At first doing mainly location photography, renting studio space when needed, he opened his first photography studio in Royal Oak in 2006, but later moved to Ferndale in 2008.

Being somewhat passionate about photography, he started the Metro-Detroit Photography Club in 2004, an organization that today has a strong membership of over 100 members.

In 2008, John attended his first (and second and third) "Ujena Jam" in Mexico. (The Jams are a fashion photography competition put on by Ujena, a swimwear company based in California.) While the Jams were a lot of work, he enjoyed them immensely and he managed to place in the top photographers at both the 2nd and 3rd events. In 2009, he placed in the top ten again and in 2011 was invited to be a staff photographer at the Ujena Jam in Puerto Vallarta. You can see some of his work on the Ujenatalent site: click here!

In March of 2009, John published "The Model Posing Guide for Fashion and Glamour Photography", a posing guide for models interested in the Fashion and Glamour Photography. The book is about the rules for posing with sample poses and other tips, hints, and bits of information for models. He is currently working on a series of children's books too!

On a personal note, he has 2 beautiful children (that's his son, perched on his back to the right) and also enjoys hiking, biking, traveling and cooking. (Here are some of his recipes!)