Re-igniting the Spark in a Long Term Relationship

Mar 26, 2012

Remember that butterflies in your stomach feeling when you first met your significant other? Can you recall when just the sight of your new sweetie made your heart skip a beat?

Those feelings, according to researchers are the result of mood-altering endorphins, which are most commonly released in the beginning of new relationships and in other new situations.

Keeping that spark alive in your relationship can sometimes be tricky. Below are a few ideas for staying connected and making that “in love” feeling grow.

  1. Laugh Together: Researchers have found that those who laugh more, increase endorphins in their blood stream. Watch a comedy, do an innocent prank on a friend or family member together. Heck, tell corny knock-knock jokes if you want to. Any reason to laugh with or at one another is a great way to bond and stay close.
  2. Learn Something New Together: Take a class or attend a lecture on a topic you both enjoy. Try a new sport that neither of you has participated in before. Read the same book and then discuss it with one another. Creating a shared but unique experience together will give your relationship a “team-work” feeling.
  3. Share Early Memories: When you first met one another, the excitement, anticipation and joy of simply being together seemed endless. No doubt, those first several months of dating were filled with great moments; some awkward, some nervous, some amazing! Share those memories with each other: “Remember our first date and how I spilled my red wine?”
  4. Ask a Friend: Know a great couple that seems to be really happy together? Ask them what their secrets are and take notes!
  5. Write a Letter: Everyone loves an unexpected surprise. Write a small note of love and encouragement and hide it where your partner will least expect to find it. Some ideas are: On the dashboard of his or her car, tucked into the pages of a book or magazine they are reading. You can also hide it in your significant others’ lunch. Sending an inspiring link in an email or even a quick: “I think you are amazing” on their facebook wall, will do the trick.

Remember, it’s all about re-creating those feel good bonding moments that get endorphins flowing. At the risk of being cliché, these ideas really work. It’s worth the effort for a fantastic and long-lasting love relationship!